ALPHA group

est. 1990

The mission of the Alpha Group is to help its members better prepare for and succeed during the next phase of the evolution of the wealth management industry. Its membership is made up of select partners from large, fee-only wealth management firms throughout the country as well other individuals who work with industry participants. A key reason why each individual was invited to join the Group is their ability to contribute to thought leadership on wealth management firm best practices and strategy and understanding the industry’s future.

The Group’s near-term goal (i.e., over the next three years) will be to closely study a wide variety of issues so as to better help its members succeed. Such topics will include: the future economic model of successful wealth management firms; the sources of innovation at wealth management firms and the factors that promote/stifle innovation in wealth management today; the types and scope of services successful firms will have to provide to clients; the challenges of managing larger and more complex businesses; sourcing, developing and recruiting talent; training and developing future firm leadership; identifying the future technology that successful firms will need; addressing and managing the threat that cybersecurity poses to wealth management firms; mergers and acquisition transactions; and managing an increasingly large and potentially suffocating regulatory burden.

All of its active (as opposed to emeritus) members will commit to their fellow group members that they both will participate in-person at a minimum of two meetings per year and each will be involved in the design of the agenda and the recruitment of speakers for at least one meeting every three years. They also will commit to prepare in advance of Group meetings so that they can contribute to the discussion of each agenda topic.

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